Advantages of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is a platform that internalizes database, data processing, and application capabilities, moving them into memory. This allows SAP HANA to provide predictive text analytics, spatial processing, data virtualization, and other advanced capabilities while simplifying application development and large-scale data processing .

Why use SAP HANA instead of other tools? SAP HANA is ideal for the creation of real time applications and analytics due to its many advantages including:

  • In-memory computing – In-memory computing allows for unprecedented speed, agility, and performance. At the same time, it is cost-effective. In the era of big data, performance is a major issue. SAP HANA eliminates big data bottlenecks with its in-memory computing capabilities.
  • Real-time analytics – Organizations are no longer content to look solely at historical data. Real-time insights are a must, and SAP HANA easily delivers these insights including operational analytics, big data warehousing, and predictive, spacial, and text analytics.
  • Real-time applications – SAP HANA helps organizations put their data to work, allowing them to both glean the insights that they need as well as leverage their data. Real-time applications can be enables with high speed data provisioning, allowing for more interactivity and improved performance. Examples of real-time applications include customer engagement applications, “sense and respond” applications, and planning and optimization applications.
  • Simplicity – SAP HANA helps IT organizations reduce complexity both in terms of hardware and software. As a result, IT can reduce costs while increasing value.

Big data must be managed. It typically requires the augmentation of data archives with near line storage as well as re-engineering the business warehouse model to ensure more flexible and agile reporting with minimal costs. By leveraging SAP HANA, organizations can meet those objectives, reduce costs, and improve performance. With its in-moemory computing, real-time analytics and applications, and simplicity, SAP HANA is truly advantageous.

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