Common I.T Problems

A recent study shows that hundreds of companies rely on Information Technology (IT) for their growth. IT provides them with scalability and the capability to manage the complexities of the organization effectually. Several international studies reveal that the IT capacity has close relationship with the growth of cost effectiveness of companies. IT is a crucial ingredient for the long term success of the companies. However, many businesses face some common I.T. problems. If you are planning to make or increase your IT investments, understanding those problems and the best solutions to them can be of great use.

  • Mobility

Businesses, especially small ones need to do business from anywhere. They need to support employees who work in flexible timings and respond to customers quickly. Hence, their core information system should be mobile. This is a common I.T problem can be solved effectively by using Smartphones and tablets. 94% of small businesses believe mobile devices make them more effective. Small businesses can also use applications like Evernote to organize their users across multiple devices.  Square is an effective device that can be attached to Smartphone to accept credit card payments from customers on the go.

  • Cloud Storage

Small businesses lack time and resources for IT tasks, which can cause many problems. They can gain operational capability quickly, if they make reasonable investments of I.T. If IT is an essential ingredient for a company, it should be ready to pay for it. choose a company offering competitive prices such as Northern Star.

The best solution is offered by cloud service. You can adopt cloud service to outsource IT works. You can also use apps like Dropbox to share documents and files across multiple devices. Cloud allows you to acquire operational capability at reduced cost.

  • Analytical Evaluation of Social Media Marketing Initiatives

Nowadays, many businesses use social media to market their products and services. However, they are not sure of whether their marketing initiatives are effective. Having a Facebook page is often not enough. Businesses need a comprehensive strategy for their online presence.  Companies that can analyse their marketing efforts can gain huge competitive advantage. However, many businesses do not understand how the web promotes traffic, word of mouth, calls to action and conversions.

This is one of the common I.T. problems that can be solved easily. Businesses can use Google Analytics to keep track of their website traffic. Another tool known as Crazy Egg allows you to know where your visitors are exactly clicking.

  • Mobile Security

As small businesses depend largely on Smartphones, their chance of encountering with problems like lost phones and stolen devices is more. This problem can be solved by securing mobile phones with encryption technology. This technology prevents hackers and thieves from accessing your valuable business information.

  • Web Based Teleconferencing

Small businesses find it expensive to communicate with their employees, clients and customers in other countries. Web based teleconferences services can offer the best solution for many of these common I.T. problems. These services allow large groups to make voice and video connections without paying very high phone fees.

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