Dos & Don’ts Of Software Download

Downloading software is the most popular activity online resulting in tons of downloads everyday. Is this the first time that you are about to download a software? Well, the downloading part could be an easy job, provided you are completely aware of the major Dos and Don’st of the action. The article here presents a short brief highlighting on the dos and don’ts as you proceed to download software.

  • The Dos

Installation instruction

You have to follow the installation instructions very carefully while deciding on the download. It’s because some of the downloads might demand you to uninstall earlier versions prior to installing a fresh one.

OS compatibility

Before you proceed to download the software of your choice, you have to be careful about its compatibility quotient with your OS. You must know that at times different versions of the same software are available to match up with varied operating systems. So, you must check out the particular software match for your OS before hitting on the “Download” button.

Backup the PC

You have to backup your PC before you download and install the software in your machine like cmms software. In case, the installation unfortunately hampers the PC- the lack of a backup would force to re-install OS & the application software as well. It might take around seven long days for your PC to recuperate. The presence of a backup support will get your PC up & running even if there is any issue from the software download.

Credible source

This is one of the most significant points to remember whether you are downloading a paid software or a free one. You have to get the download from a trusted source only, appreciated by a lot of users.

  • The Don’ts

No file sharing affair

Never download the software via file-sharing program.

No download from email

Do not download any software via email. Software available for download through email might not be a trusted one always.

Not studying the site

Do not ever download the software without studying its source. There are many scam sites out there and untrusted software download can get the undesired virus threat to your PC.

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