Identifying Cocaine Addiction

Knowing the symptoms of drug addicts is very helpful for everyone to identify if a loved one is taking drugs or not. Substances, which people abuse, are not harmful on their own. Nevertheless, when one takes more than the normal range for repeated times, and then one starts depending on it. This leads to addiction. If you’ve been experimenting with drugs out of curiosity or any other reason, if you find yourself, thinking about the last time you got high or if you find yourself planning ways to get the substance all the time, accompanied with cravings, then chances are that you’re  addicted. You need to get drug addiction treatment immediately before the situation worsens. The sooner a person gets drug addiction treatment, the better it is.


Keep an eye on adolescents. They tend to be curious and depressed easily due to the pressure of being cool and the pressure of academics these days. They are more likely to turn to drugs to “fit in” or to escape reality. Look out for symptoms such as nausea, headaches, sudden mood swings, aggressive behavior, dilated pupils, etc. These are the common symptoms of substance abuse. Common household items like glue, detergent, camphor, naphthalene, etc. are also items, which people start sniffing, leading to addiction. Some people even tend to ingest detergents. Drug addiction treatment is done for people with all kinds of substance abuse.


Cocaine is one of the most common drugs, which people use. It is made from the coca plant and it is mostly snorted. Some people take it through injections too. Look for injection marks on arms to detect an addict. Common names of cocaine are nose candy, coke, crack and blow. This is the street language used to describe cocaine. The heart rate goes up leading to strokes and even heart attacks if a person sticks to cocaine abuse for a long time. The blood vessels are constricted leading to less flow of blood to the heart and brain leading to cardiovascular and brain diseases as well. Drug addiction treatment will help get a person get better if the full course is undergone by the patience with help of loved ones.

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