OST File Restoration

OST file is the file extension of Microsoft Outlook for email client program. The major usage of this file is to help us sending and receiving email right from mail server. The file can be very beneficial for people who are having poor internet connection. Microsoft Outlook is installed in the Microsoft Exchange server back up in offline folder. This file is able to safe us from poor internet connection, but this file can be corrupted as well. Usually, it can be corrupted because of virus and driver error. If some damages occurred, we can make anticipation by convert ost to pst and save it in external hard drive or if we have not made anticipation, we can try to restore the Outlook OST file.

Restore the OST file can be so easy. If we open ost file, then make sure to close the program first. After that, we can click Start button on our desktop and choose run. A command prompt will appear on the screen, then we can type C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1033\scanost.exe on the command prompt, then hit enter button. If we type this command, we will be directed to the OST Integrity Tool. After that, we can choose scan all folders. If we have known the location of the OST file, then we can directly pick choose folder to scan option.

The next thing we have to do is checking the repair error option and choose begin scan to let the tool to scan and restore the corrupted files. Open the Outlook mail client and get the information of the changes we have made in deleted items folder. Convert ost to pst and save it on the external storage can be the best solution for anticipation, but if the process is too complicated and we don’t want to convert file every day, then it had better for us to learn how to restore OST file.

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