Sucess Stories of Iphone App Development



  • This application hardly needs any explanation after its much hyped purchase for $1 billion by Facebook. Nevertheless, it is an image sharing application offering almost the same features as you would find on the website. After its launch in October 2010, the app has generated revenue of around $1,000,000,000 with over 60,000,000. Notably, when the company was purchased there was no revenue from iPhone app but the purchase deal itself is its revenue and easily makes to the inspiring story list.
    Angry Birds

  • How can one forget this game of pigs, birds and their eggs? If ever a list of most popular games is created, Angry Birds has to be somewhere and so would be its iPhone app development company. Developed by Rovio, this application has been downloaded for over 1,000,000,000 times and has generated revenue of $250,000,000. There are many factors behind the success of Angry Birds but a simple idea and cool features make this app a great choice and with the recent additions, there is no stopping.
    Texas Poker

  • Chances are high that you would have came across this name one way or the other as it is the op gambling app for iPhone. Developed by Kama Games, it has been downloaded for over 40,000,000 times and has generated estimated revenue of $22,000,000 and counting. This game is certainly quite addictive especially if you are a card fan but you can learn a lot of new tricks to be practised in real life too.Kitty Perry is a serious gamer with dozens of apps in his iPhone. He thinks that the game segment is the most lucrative one in iPhone app development in Australia but others are not lagging behind too. He has successfully launched many apps too but thinks it is more fun to talk about what others are developing. Among the bunch of successful and popular developers, Tim thinks that is a place to be checked.
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