Unify Business Communications: How Voice Over IP Can Help

The definition of unifying communications is integrating communication tools to work as one unit instead of separate units.  It combines the technology used in the office with the ones on the go.  Communication doesn’t end with voice-type machines.  Email, fax, texting, instant messaging and office machines are other pieces of communication that doesn’t involve the voice while video chats do more than use a voice.  Unifying communication combines communication of all elements so that you are always on top of the latest company news and projects. Learn more about unified communications and how VoIP can assist.

How can VoIP help unify communications?  VoIP is the device that bridges the gap between business technologies and you.  Lots of technologies are separated from one another.  Each of them has their own hardware and wires.  The installation takes forever for all of them and using each one individually is tedious.  Integrating them all makes the work seamless from one office equipment to the next.  VoIP will keep communications together at a lower price than keeping them separately.  It unifies the phone, instant messaging, emails and business applications with ease.  It makes communication effortless between computer and peripherals (printers, faxes, scanners) because the technology communicates over the internet.  It makes communication effortless between computer and mobile devices.  It has great additional features like long distance, voicemail, security and caller ID without paying extra.

Unified communication also helps with controlling features like single number reach and presence.  Single number reach is reaching people at one single number instead of having five or six pieces of contact information you may lose track of or is unavailable.  People are on the go all the time and it’s natural to have more than one way to contact you if needed. Home phone, cell phone, email, pager, IM, social network sites are combined into one access point.  Even if some are no longer accurate the others remain intact allowing a company to still reach you.  Presence is the proof that you can be contacted.  A person has to be available and willing to communicate in order for the contact to be a success. Unified communications will find where the person is and an available way to contact him or her.  It doesn’t work if the person doesn’t talk back to you or gives out the information to be contacted.  Still the communication between customers and employees, employees and management and employees and employees cannot be matched when a company uses unified communications.

Using business VoIP to unify communications is a no-brainer for businesses to achieve efficiency.  The Voice over IP device can make business communication productive and allows you to get more done in a shorter amount of time.

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